A Prayer

Image: Bloemfontein Courant

Image: Bloemfontein Courant


For those of you who you attend CiB regularly, it’s likely that you’ve seen or met Bob and Donna Z. They use the last name “Z.” because Bob will tell you that it’s too difficult to remember how to spell their full last name.

Donna is a retired schoolteacher and poet. From time to time, she writes prayers and benedictions for our liturgies.

We are including last week’s opening prayer here.

May its depth and beauty guide you throughout your week.

Dear Lord, please grant me that for which I have the greatest need:

Grant me faith in You, and in your care and loving presence by my side every minute of every day.

Grant me compassion, charity, and love for all whom I meet regardless of what they look like, what language they speak, or what they believe.

Grant me generosity and the willingness to share my treasure, time, talent, and heart with those in need.

Grant me peace within so that I can find you in the silence and tranquility of my soul.

Grant me the courage to follow you always and in all ways.

— Donna Z.

Church In Bethesda