Jan Fox

If you’ve lived in the DC Metro for awhile, you might recognize Jan Fox. 

Her career started  as a dirty little radish stealer, knocking on doors to sell goods from her mom’s garden. Who would have thought that she would have ended up a 4 x TV Emmy winner, reporting and anchoring on WUSA 9 for almost two decades. Jan would say, “Somebody smarter than I laid a plan for my life, and I just walked it.”  

Her humble beginnings included lots of days and nights  in a little conservative church her dad helped build with his bare hands. She graduated from a church college in Missouri, and then earned a Masters Degree in Humanistic Studies from Lesley University. She  became a teacher, and by a blessed bend in the path ended up hosting an ABC talk show in Boston, and anchoring the #1 NBC News in Portland, ME, then on to DC.

Jan retired twice, but kept snagging speaking gigs and coaching clients, so she started her business – Fox Talks. Her hubby named the company, because he says, “She certainly does!”  She inspires corporate leaders, sales teams, entrepreneurs, and TEDx’ers to become The BOLD Speakers they were meant to be. 

Along the way, Jan says her God grew bigger, more open-minded, and inclusive.  She married Sully and they switched off on Sundays – a protestant church one week and a Catholic church the next. They heard about Church In Bethesda, and Sully’s car has been driving there every week for 15 years. Experiencing the growth, the exuberance, the vitality of this new version of CiB with Ryan Phipps, has been spiritually fulfilling. They share the mission to keep the blue doors of CiB open for all. They belong to this family! 

Jan and Sully live in Bethesda with their backyard goldfish. They play grandparents to Kaden and Philip. They love golf, but Jan says she talks a better game then she plays.