Day 165, Evening

Today’s evening meditation is available below in audio and script formats. The audio version is also available for free download on the player.


“If we cannot love our neighbor as ourself, it is because we do not perceive our neighbor as ourself.”

—Beatrice Bruteau


If we are unable to see that we are in communion with another, we will not realize that what we do to ourselves, we do to the other. Likewise, we do not realize that, ultimately, our lack of understanding turns back toward us in violence.

We are called to be larger than who we can imagine being in this moment. The cosmic principles are a new way of understanding, seeing, and acting in a world that seems to be torn apart by a misunderstanding of the beauty of diversity, the holiness of essence, and the evolutionary pull of communion.


As your day draws to a close, spend a few moments in silence and stillness, focusing on your breath, the same breath of life in all beings.


• for greater wonder

• for our capacity to suffer with others

• for an expanding generosity of heart



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