Our Values


We study the teachings of Jesus to discover how God wants us to live and love today. By imitating the life that Jesus modeled, we seek become the very best versions of ourselves. We rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us on our spiritual journey, providing wisdom and discernment in all areas of our lives.


Scripture & Teaching

The Bible is the tangible roadmap for our lives. We also look to science, reason, and the wisdom of other faith traditions that are seeking to foster a more just and generous world.



We are committed to justice, equality, dignity, and fairness for all people. We seek to dissolve barriers and distinctions that divide us from one another. We work to spread grace and love across gender, race, sexuality, nationality, differently-abled, and socioeconomic lines.



We belief that faith is best lived out by serving our community. On a regular basis, we take on service projects for our neighbors in need. We prepare school supplies bags for a refugee center, make Tiny Treasure Treats for 80 children at NIH, fill toiletries bags for Bethesda Cares - our daily lunch program for the homeless- or collect coats, hats, gloves and socks for the National Center for Families and Children, and more.



We live as a community of belonging and action.  We encourage everyone to explore their unique giftedness and to use those gifts and abilities to show love to others. God reveals our gifts to us and guides us to share them with the community. We commit to actively participating in the worship service and to undertaking meaningful service projects for the community.



We love and support one another. Our faith teaches us to value every human being and to focus on building healthy relationships. We are committed to fostering an environment of honest, sharing, open dialogue, diversity, mutual care, encouragement, and safety.



CiB provides a place of healing. We offer space and time for people heal from the pains of everyday life and from the disillusionment we may have sometimes experienced in past faith experiences.  We are a place of comfort and support, never causing harm to others.



We are an open, inclusive, affirming faith community. Our doors are open to all, regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexuality. At CiB, you are invited to be who you are, love who you love, and worship in your own way.  



Our church is governed by a consensus model. A "Servants Group," comprised of people from the congregation, leads us and sets the direction for our community. Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas, opinions, and wisdom to help us worship and serve with one heart.

CiB is a fellowship of many denominations, cultures, ages, and interests. While we come from many different backgrounds, we affirm a shared set of values.
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